Monday, January 30, 2012

Tales of Bliss Contest

I'm so thrilled to be included amoung talented writers and friends in a fabulous contest run by Canadian Family magazine.  During the Blissdom conference last fall, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a writing-focused panel that included CF’s editor-in-chief Jen Reynolds.  She inspired me to continue writing, to make time for it and to continue to share my journey through grief.  She also issued a challenge: Tell us how you found your bliss and we’ll publish the best story. I have to admit that I was struggling with that topic.  The last year was so full of "bliss-less" events, how was I going to find the inspiration to write?

After a few encouraging tweets from Jen Reynolds, Karma Brown and Deb Lowther...I sat down to write.

Last week, we all heard that the Editor's Choice Winners had been selected and will be published in March's issue of Canadian Family!!  I'm so honoured to know these talented and beautiful women Annabel Fitzsimmons, Andrea Tomkins and Karen Green.

In addition to the 3 winners, the magazine (and the amazing Jen) decided to run a Reader's Choice Contest called "Tales of Bliss".  I am among 13 finalists all of whom, I am very proud to call friends!

So- if you have a few minutes, I'd love it if you read (and vote), not only my post, but the posts of these amazing women with who I share the page. 

My post.....

 A New Bliss by Heather Hamilton


karengreeners said...

Your story was beautiful, Heather - and I am honoured to be sharing space with you and all of the other amazing women as well. Good luck!

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I guess it was a very memorable experience for you. I find your story very good and interesting. Good luck!